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Ozzdogg's DogOzzdogg Web Solutions will work with you to create and manage a Wordpress web site for your small business or non-profit organization. Please contact me to discuss your needs and our services.

Our WordPress Management Service

WordPress is an excellent platform with amazing features, but it's often targeted by malicious hackers who exploit insecure web sites for their own advantages. Because of this risk, and to optimize speed and efficiency, it’s critical that all Wordpress sites receive regular maintenance and security monitoring - to prevent them from becoming sluggish, unstable, or infected with malware.

The aim of our WordPress Management Service is to take care of tedious-but-essential tasks like security, backups, software updates, and database optimization – to help keep your web site running smoothly. And of course we're also available to to make prompt modifications to your existing site content as needed.

What's Included:

  • Prompt modifications to your existing site content as needed
  • WordPress and plugin software updated for you on a monthly basis
  • Continuous monitoring of your web site to detect and help prevent hacking attempts
  • Regular security scans to detect malware and potential vulnerabilities
  • Weekly backups of your WordPress files and database (stored for up to 4 weeks)
  • WordPress database optimization done as needed

Additional Information:

Software Updates -- WordPress developers frequently release software updates to enhance site security and performance, and to add new features. Our WordPress Management Service includes regular updates of WordPress, plugins, and theme files – ensuring that your web site has the most current security patches and features. In addition, we’ll run optimization routines on your WordPress database monthly, reducing inefficiencies and promoting web site speed.

Security -- By default, your Wordpress site is vulnerable to brute force attacks - hackers are allowed to attempt different passwords an unlimited number of times. This can slow down your site by using limited server resources. We will add a layer of security by limiting the number of login attempts, and by blocking hackers who would otherwise exceed the limit. In addition, we’ll regularly scan your web site for malware and potentially vulnerable plugins, and monitor WordPress core files for unauthorized changes.

Backups -- Maintaining backups is one of the most important recurring web site-related tasks. A backup can help you revert to a recent, older version of your web site minutes after something has gone wrong, like a malicious attack, software failure, or database corruption. We will perform weekly backups of your WordPress files and database, stored for up to 4 weeks.

Please use the contact form or email to reach me to discuss your specific needs and our services.

Please view a sample of our current business and non-profit clients:

Friends of the Blue Hills -- a non-profit organization devoted to preserving and protecting the Blue Hills Reservation’s natural beauty, diverse natural habitats and many recreational opportunities.

Bay State Community Services -- a not-for-profit human services agency, dedicated to improving the social functioning of adults, adolescents, and children within a framework that recognizes the primary importance of family and community.

Low Country Down Syndrome Society -- a family support group to benefit people with Down syndrome and their families in Georgia.

Saint Mary Parish & Cemetery -- a Roman Catholic parish in Randolph, Massachusetts.

Kimball Nelson Photography -- an award-winning Colorado family & wedding photographer.

Leiser Corporation -- electrical repair and installation services in the Boston area.

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